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Essential Oils Reference Guide App

This is one of the best apps I have bought! It is based on the "Quick Reference Guide" by the Higleys that many of you have in print form. Now I leave that at the office and use my app instead! And what I like about it is you not only can look up different ways to use the oils, but you can look up each single and blend oil to see what each oils does and what oils make up blends. It is like hav...
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How to Turn Goals into Results

God designed us to be productive. In the garden, God told Adam and Eve to tend the garden, be fruitful and multiply. If you study individuals with no ambition or goals and research on what causes some types of mental illness, you will see a pattern of NO CLEAR PURPOSE in life. With the new year, people desire to "DO BETTER" and to set RESOLUTIONS for the new year. The feeling a a new start ...
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New Essential Oil Sample Packs!

Now it is much easier to share essential oils with others. In the past you had to carry samples in little sample bottles but now you can carry boxes of these and give single use samples right there!                                      Sherri Excitement is circling around the new sharing tool that was unveiled at this year’s International Grand Convention—the Essential Oil Sample Packs. Inside ...
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Everyday Oils Chart

One of my distributors, Yolanda Vela, created a chart showing the different things the oils in the Everyday Oil Kit have helped others with. She passes these out to her sign ups and others interested in health and wellness using oils. You can download and print for your own use, and I would suggest writing your contact info on it and member number in case they want to order the kit.   ...
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