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Essential Oils Reference Guide App

This is one of the best apps I have bought! It is based on the "Quick Reference Guide" by the Higleys that many of you have in print form. Now I leave that at the office and use my app instead! And what I like about it is you not only can look up different ways to use the oils, but you can look up each single and blend oil to see what each oils does and what oils make up blends. It is like hav...
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Don’t Fall for Enticing “Health Halos”

Modern marketing is well schooled in the art of manipulation and enticement. In fact, marketing is a science in which companies learn how best to TRICK customers into buying their products. Everything from colors to wording to size to packaging is well thought out and tested. One of the latest trends is "socially responsible" marketing. For example, you might see a cereal that promotes 100% who...
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