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The Most Powerful, Effective, Safe & Free Medicine

Harvard trained, Dr. Jordan Metzl, M.D., a sports medicine physician in New York, says, "Exercise is the most powerful, effective, safe, and free medicine in the world." So why is it so undervalued? We live in a society, especially in America, where we are medical and pharmaceutical driven. There is a pill for everything. There is a surgery for everything. However, many don't realize that 500,000 ...
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Weight Loss Myths

There is so much contradictory and damaging advice on weight loss that I felt the need to simplify things and reveal some myths. The first myth is that it is COMPLICATED to lose weight. It is actually very simple: eat whole foods that you actually have to cook (meat, vegetables, and healthy fats) and avoid processed, sugary foods and exercise. But the problem comes in with food addictions and a la...
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Being physically healthy is crucial for longevity, fighting/preventing disease, energy levels, appearance and more.  We offer one-on-one and group personal training options, nutrition planning, weight management consults, and weekly classes. Our fitness is based on the science of High Intensity Interval Training, and we recommend the Paleo eating. To learn more, click here!
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