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Progessence Plus Serum Works!

    I have blood results from yesterday (3/27/13) that prove this works plus many other benefits. I love love love it! You can get your own! Sign up wholesale with a kit then add this to your order by clicking here or by retail here!  
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Eliminated PMS & Shortened Periods

When I turned 35, my periods doubled in length to 14 days or more! I never had bad PMS symptoms but some cramping and breast tenderness. I began using Endoflex and eliminated all PMS symptoms and cut my period length in half. Energy improved as well. Also Endoflex is good for the thyroid.
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Bone Spurs

After I broke my foot, my skin was baby smooth and very tender. As a result, when I began walking again, the bone spur on my heal hurt bad! I learned that cypress and rosemary essential oils can dissolve them so I began applying them twice a day. Within 3 days the bone spur was gone. How do I know? I could feel it under the tender skin and that it was no longer there plus the pain was gone!
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