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Are you ready to:

  • feel better more often
  • boost your performance
  • find more work/life balance
  • expand your flexibility and resilience
  • refine your communication skills
  • strengthen your person and professional relationship
  • reverse the negative impact stress is having on your health, work and quality of life

The Power of the Heart

An eight-year-old girl receives a heart transplant. Not long after, her concerned mother takes her to a psychologist because she was
having graphic nightmares every night. After listening to the little girl, the doctor decided she and her mother needed to speak to the police. The little girl told the police that in her nightmares, a girl is being murdered. She sees the face of the murderer, his clothing, the location, and how the girl died. After researching, the officials learned that the heart came from a murdered 10-year-old little girl. Eventually, they caught the killer and used the girl’s descriptions of the murder. It was all true! And based on that info, the killer plead guilty.

This is a true story from the book, “Deadly Emotions,” by Dr. Don Colbert. I frequently use it as an example of the power of the heart. images (1)Scientists have learned that there are 50,000 nerves in the heart and that the heart is the center of the emotions. The entire body including the mind is in “sync” with the heart. For example, if you are feeling depressed over something and decide with your mind not to be bothered, your heart will continue to brood over the issue causing your body to release stress hormones. In fact, when stressed, your body instantly releases 1,400 chemicals in your body! And scientists have learned that simply recalling something that made you angry, lowers your immune system for 6 hours and recalling something that made you happy increases your immune system for 6 hours. It is important to better regulate your emotions for better health, hormonal health, energy, focus, and more. EXPERTS CALL THIS EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

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I have, personally, seen a calmness in my emotions even when confronted with negative circumstances due to HEARTMATH as well as breaking through a weight-loss plateau. I have helped others with sleep problems, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and more. I am a licensed Heartmath provider. I have several Heartmath services based on your needs and budget.



  • Single session: $50. In this one-hour session, I teach you a technique called QUICK COHERENCE. It is three simple steps you photo 1can use anywhere even in public. With practice, you will find yourself becoming more attune to your emotions and will stop reacting releasing stress hormones to negative circumstances.
  • Four-week sessions: $175.00. With this package, we go deeper. You learn several Heartmath techniques such as Quick
    Coherence, Attitude Breathing, Heart Lock-in, and more. We have workbooks based on your needs such as better sports performance, revitalizing. and stress relief. Workbooks are sold separately.
  • Six-week sessions: $250.00. With this package (our most popular), we go even deeper into your emotional landscape. You will learn all the Heartmath techniques and how to apply to your daily life.  We will photo 3also identify your core values and what happens when those are violated. You will come away from this package with greater
  • clarity of who you are, your values, how to manage negative circumstances and the emotions attached, how to have authentic communication, project planning, and more.

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Proven results:

  • 60% reduction in anxiety
  • 45% reduction in exhaustion
  • 41% reduction in intent to leave the job
  • 24% improvement in listening ability
  • 17% improvement in home/work conflict

Email me at sherriw@q.com to schedule your consult. Consult and sessions can be done in-person, on the phone or through Skype. CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED. Payment schedules available for weekly sessions.


Ask about the Emwave machine! Contact Sherri @ sherriw@q.com