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Awesome HIIT (High intensity interval training) cardio classes perfect for the super busy mom/business owner/ college student etc! Genius with nutrition & finding proper macros for your body type for fat/weight loss & muscle building. Recommend to anyone but especially those that struggle with losing weight.

By the way you are brilliant loosing body fat and pounds and inches this week. Praise the lord !!!! Was feeling a bit huge. and not craving sugar. Thanks

Sooooo I couldn't wait for tomorrow for weight and measurements lol. I did all measurements and my hips are down a whole inch! Also redid the body fat percentage and it's at 20% now!! That's insane! That's down 6%!!!! It's paying off fast! Thank you so so much for all your help!

Let Me Introduce Myself!

Hi! I'm Sherri Wilson, the founder of Hiit It Fitness. I'm here to provide you tools to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. 

I am a troubleshooter and coach. I help my clients find what needs to change in food, training, and the mental game to get results. I COACH PEOPLE INTO CHANGE!

I currently am fully booked with in-person clients, but I have created an online "Fat Loss Membership Program" so you can train with me too! 

Take advantage of all my blog that is packed full of quality information that you can apply immediately to your life. 

Follow me on Periscope @hiititfitness and Instagram @hiititfitness. I look forward to helping you!