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Shingles is the herpes zoster virus that is the same virus that causes chicken pox. After chickenpox, the virus remains in body lying dormant in your nerve cells. When the virus resurfaces, it does so as shingles causing extreme pain due to its location in the nerve cells. Often it resurfaces due to stress or illness that weakens your immune system. HALF OF ALL AMERICANS WILL SUFFER FROM SHINGLES BEFORE THE AGE OF 80.


At Risk People

The elderly are the most common sufferers of shingles. Other people include those suffering from serious illnesses like cancer or HIV. PROLONGED EMOTIONAL STRESS also causes shingles and frequent re-eruptions. Some never heal completely.


The first symptom is pain or tingling in the eruption area. You might also have itchiness. These symptoms show up about 2-3 days before the rash then blisters. The pain can become so bad that even a breeze can bring discomfort.


Vitamin-DAt the first sign, your doctor can start an antiviral treatment to short the duration and Thieves2severity of the eruption. This can also prevent complications, especially if the virus is close to your eyes.

Taking vitamin D3 can boost your immune system and help prevent you from being “down” due to the eruption. Most are low on D3 levels. You can get them tested at your doctors or on your own at a lab. Seventy is a good number for strong immune system.

You can also apply Thieves essential oil on location. I have had a few of my friends do this. I ask them about the pain since Thieves is a hot oil. Most said that the Thieves was no comparison to the pain of shingles and actually brought some relief! Most felt it was worth the results.

There is a vaccine recommended for adults 60 and older. It is said to reduce risk by half.