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When Heavier is Healthier

THOSE LAST 5 LBS CAN DRIVE YOU NUTS! Right? You work and work to get those last 5-10 lbs off or to get to that perfect body fat percentage that will reveal your six pack, but there is a time when those extra pounds can save your life according to some doctors.

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Dr. Lavie, a cardiologist at New Orlean’s Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute, noticed that his heart-failure patients that were overweight had 50% less mortality rate than normal-weight patients. Another doctor, Luis Gruberg, at the Cardiovascular Research Institute in Washington, D.C. also noticed that overweight and obese patients died 50% less following angioplasty than normal-weight people. He called this pattern the “obesity paradox.” Studies, which many medical experts ignore, also confirmed that overweight patients lived longer and better with illnesses ranging from heart disease to cancer to AIDS.

Society has defined healthy as being thin, but when fighting illness having extra fat to fuel the energy to recover is a bonus. Although, being overweight or obese has its own health complications, the location of fat can be crucial. For example, abdominal fat carries a HIGH RISK for disease, but fat carried on the hips, thighs, and upper arms don’t have the same risks and can help recovery. This can be especially important for middle-aged and older people.¬†Gaining weight as you age is very normal and can be healthy. In fact, dieting can be deadly for seniors. As long as you are not struggling with Type II Diabetes or lipid disorders, that extra 5-20 lbs is fine as long as you are active.

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